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Condition open ticket agents trains?
DANH HIEU CHINH - From 14-7 regulations ticket agents trains by the Railway Company Vietnam promulgated officially in effect. Accordingly, the individuals and organizations outside the railway sector will be involved with the train ticket computer, people can buy tickets at any dealer to go to the train station, not necessarily to buy gas about. Nguyen Van Binh (pictures) - Head of business - marketing corporation Railway Vietnam - said:

- The open agent of the railway industry, economic organizations, private commercial activity independent registered business ... Units regulated agents and contract agents are companies passenger transport railway Hanoi and Saigon (assigned by geographic area).

Conditions: the object must be invested equipment (computer connection, telephone) service ticket computing. Staff agents are industry trained railway ticket for free. Agents must sign regulations or bank guarantee equivalent to the value of embryo tickets received from the railways and public listed fare, train hours. Form of ticket agents completely the same station ticket other bills.

Of remuneration, the agent will receive the percentage of ticket sales revenue reality. Turnover of remuneration does not include cost of insurance and VAT. Remuneration levels are highest 2.5% and the lowest is 1.5% depending on the location of the agent compared with GA. Affiliates under foreign provinces compared with GA ticket bills will be higher remuneration provincial agents.

* There currently are trading status train ticket, party ticket. The various components established agents have to assist the travel trade, or "hug" to increase ticket prices do not?

- Contracts open agents determined that the agents sell the right price, not sell tickets mistake. If violated, the agent will be fined, cut the contract. Companies passenger transport will be defined with specific agents in the contract. Agents not to sell tickets and ticket discounts, ticket sales will be stamp dealer name on the back of the ticket should occur is difficult to state it.

In addition, agents must have documents of adjustment, tax executive course. Railway sector will be the inspection and monitoring to prevent the phenomenon. Passengers can also pay back in his purchasing agents (not accepted in other agents) or the station. The passengers are not the remote station to buy tickets will reduce the state's concentrated buying tickets at the station in the high points as occasion celebration, Tet. How well reduce them party tickets, trade tickets.
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